SOS- المنظمة اليمنية لمكافحة الاتجار بالبشر


IDPs of Fajj Uttan  the place which has been receiving many  airstrike attacks, left no homes no basic means for keep being survived , those whose houses were demolished and  buried because of the airstrike attacks , found no place to run to ,but rain and sanitation , which is never far from the area of the airstrike attacks nor place for living. About one hundred family live there with an average of eight family members each family. Furthermore; those IDPs include some were injured have received no medical treatment  yet . The  absence of the fuel caused a complete palsy  in transportation and electricity , which results in preventing providing emergency medical rescue as well as closing most of  hospitals, and the view on ground leaves a deep sorrow. 

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المنظمة اليمنية لمكافحة الاتجار بالبشر

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