catching 136 illegal immigrants from African to Yemen in two days- المنظمة اليمنية لمكافحة الاتجار بالبشر

catching 136 illegal immigrants from African to Yemen in two days

catching 136 illegal immigrants from African to Yemen in two days, 91 of them Ethiopian in  Mocha, 15 in Bzbab  and 18  in Alberh point and two Syrians in Harad.

It is worth mentioning that what is being caught is not infringing 5% of the preparation of African infiltrators who enter  Yemen on a daily basis and illegally. Smuggling  African to Yemen is managed by  criminal networks organization that works through its offices in the source country in the  Horn of Africa that has  members in the countries of transit and destination.

What  helps outbreaks and increasing illegal immigration is carelessness  of the Yemeni side and the lack of coordination between the relevant authorities locally with the competent authorities in Africa,  Arab  countries and internationally.

That resulted in flooding  the country with  more than one million Africans to be  a significant burden on the country and the consequent facing  many of them to various forms of risk during all their trip way  when using  of means and methods of transport is not  safe as well as making  them easy prey to gangs of local smugglers who are in places overlooking the coastline . Furthermore; they could be subjected to detention and torture, threats and extortion, sexual exploitation .

International reports  confirm that more than 90% of African infiltrators to Yemen are subjected to human trafficking crimes. 

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