Our Vision & Mission- المنظمة اليمنية لمكافحة الاتجار بالبشر

Our Vision & Mission

"Our Vision"
Yemen free of human trafficking in the world protects humans and human dignity

"Our Mission"

Strive to reach an integrated national system to combat the crime of human trafficking, ensure coordination of efforts at all levels, national, regional and international in finding effective and appropriate mechanisms to collect information relating to this crime and analyzed in order to identify the various trends and developments locally and internationally
And an appropriate and effective manner commensurate with the nature of this crime and developments therein from time to time, and crystallize combat human trafficking in the four main themes, namely:

      Awareness and prevention.
       Enhancing transparency and building partnerships locally and internationally and regionally.

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المنظمة اليمنية لمكافحة الاتجار بالبشر

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