Our Objectives- المنظمة اليمنية لمكافحة الاتجار بالبشر

Our Objectives

Organization seeks to achieve its objectives in accordance with the provisions of Law No. (1) for the year 2001, and pursuant to the provisions of Article No. (6) of the Regulations No. (129) for the year 2004 following

    Work to prevent trafficking in human beings and its multiple forms, and control of all possible ways
    Address the phenomenon of trafficking in human beings, and to participate in the development of mechanisms to eliminate this phenomenon
    Endeavor to reach Yemen free from human trafficking and against this phenomenon on the regional and international level
    Seek to harmonize and adapt the relevant legislation to prevent human trafficking with international conventions and charters Booze, and requiring all state agencies legislative and executive put a special law to combat human trafficking
    The protection of victims (victims) and those affected by human trafficking crimes and pay all their rights
    Raise awareness about the concepts of human trafficking and ways to combat it and to contribute to the protection of society causes and factors that lead to this phenomenon
    Defend the rights and advancement of women and enable them intellectually, economically and socially, and to address all violations against her and all forms of exploitation and abuse
    Defend the rights and protection of children and help them meet their basic needs and expand their opportunities to education and a decent life and maximize their full potential and to address the phenomenon of child labor and protection from all forms of discrimination, exploitation and violence and crimes only humane and committed against them
    Defense of human rights and fundamental freedom of individual and public under national legislation and laws and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international conventions and treaties and the relevant international conventions
    Effective contribution to the government and other parties in efforts to address poverty and unemployment and to combat violence and extremism
    Active participation in the fight against corruption in all its forms and manifestations and to serve the objectives of the organization
    Coordination with all concerned parties, institutions and government agencies of civil society organizations in order to educate and raise awareness among employees to prevent their involvement and they facilitate the operations of the practice of trafficking in human beings or their participation.
    Cooperation and coordination with international organizations and bodies in order to activate the resolutions and charters of the United Nations and its various agencies and private tackling organized crime and trafficking in human beings and in accordance with the charters and treaties and the relevant international conventions

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المنظمة اليمنية لمكافحة الاتجار بالبشر

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