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About Us

Yemen Organization for Combating Human Trafficking is the first legal and authorized Yemeni organization specialized in combating human trafficking, in the Republic of Yemen. YOCHT is the only organization which works in the ground to combat trafficking in human beings. YOCHT was established in 2009, it is dedicated to combat human trafficking in Yemen, a criminal activity that is increasing. In that framework, YOCHT has built strong partnerships with local, national and international actors to provide both direct support to victims and raise awareness about human trafficking issues among the public and authorities. Since, over 17000 cases of exploitation and abuse related to human trafficking were documented and many human trafficking incidents were reported and monitored. YOCHT also has been  providing  legal aid to follow up on cases of abducted children, trains law enforcement officials of Sana’a International Airport and cooperates with the police to free human trafficking victimswho are  kept by armed smugglers. 

As a member of the National Technical Committee to Combat Human Trafficking, the organization is also a key actor in the drafting of an anti-trafficking legislation, pending for parliamentary adoption. YOCHT’s dedication and commitment has recently increased the number of volunteers and supporters ,that is why the organization has been growning significantly.

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المنظمة اليمنية لمكافحة الاتجار بالبشر

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