Frustrating smuggling three children to Saudi Arabia and arresting the smugglers- المنظمة اليمنية لمكافحة الاتجار بالبشر

Frustrating smuggling three children to Saudi Arabia and arresting the smugglers

Police of Haradh border of Hajjah Governorate foiled an attempt to smuggle three children from province Mahaweet Yemen to Saudi territory.
Media center of the Interior Ministry said that the security services of Haradh Directorate seized 3 accused of involvement in an attempt to smuggle the three children and referred the defendants to complete the bricks collecting evidence with them as a prelude to refer them to the prosecution.
The three twelve years children were sent to Childhood Center in Harad District, , and that the initial investigation revealed that the smugglers were up to exploit the three children in begging,
It is worth mentioning that a large number of children who are trafficked to Saudi Arabia subjected to sexual, physical and psychological exploitation

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